2018 – The Year When Your Travel Wardrobe Becomes Fabulous

There’s an old saying that travel broadens the mind – and that is undoubtably true. Visiting new places and exploring other cultures can make an enormous difference to one’s outlook on life – and even make you more relaxed when it comes to interactions with others.

And let’s not forget that travel is fun. New food, new climates and other delights await those who want to visit places around the globe.



But what isn’t fun is the fact that you are still going to have to choose that perfect outfit for your travels. It might be something lightweight that just screams comfort or it might be something that is more suitable for evening wear – but you might be constrained by the weight that you will be able to carry on that budget flight – check out the flight restrictions at the Online Luggage Shop.

So what are the best choices for travel wear in 2018?

One of the best decisions that any traveller can make is to keep it simple. you should be able to migrate from the beach to the bar without a care in the world. And that means lightweight – and sometimes classic fabrics should be your first choice.

So cotton is always a great backup – but there are so called ‘performance fabrics’ that use the latest in technology to keep you cool, calm and collected whatever the situation. Try a knotted tank top which is perfect for those summer tropical scenes.

Of course the classic skirt makes a comeback in 2018. It’s never gone away. Bright colors and bold statements with a dash of whimsy such as that silky mini that hides out in your beach bag are perfect for that holiday feeling.

Of course the humble sandal remains a perfect idea to keep feet cool and allow you to be cool clam and collected. However, there’s no reason to keep it plain. Accesorize with bright colors or keep it on the downlow with additions such as mock pearls – it’s entirely up to you. See the new range of fashion accessories at Fashion Ni – top UK fashion website.

And when it comes to accessories there is one that any woman cannot do without – and that is the handbag. There is no reason to keep it dull here. There are some designs which are hitting the shelves and designer boutiques that simply shout style.

Go with fruit inspired designs or themes that are inspired by popular culture. It’s lighthearted – but it also shows a sense of style and individuality.